Lower Sulphur Emissions with TOFA as a Lubricity Additive

Around the world several fuel standards regulate the maximum quantity of sulphur in diesel fuel. The reduction of sulphur in diesel helps to mitigate acid rain. Since the desulphurization process also removes the lubricating properties, low sulfur diesel causes wear in transport diesel engines. Kraton Corporation’s Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) from the pine tree is used as a natural lubricity additive in low sulphur diesel. Today, TOFA is used to produce more than 200 million tons of environmentally friendly low sulphur diesel each year.

Less Use of Metallic-Based Gelling Agents with SYLVAPRINT™ HSR Ink Resins

Kraton Corporation’s Tall Oil Fatty Acid Esters used as ink solvents are true green alternatives: they eliminate the need of hydrocarbon solvents and allow non-VOC high gloss varnishes for the global printing industry. The Heat Stable Resin technology of SYLVAPRINT™ HSR ink resins enable lithographic printing inks to use fewer metallic based gelling agents, which contributes to a cleaner environment.

Less Hydrocarbon-Based Waste with Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

Non-biodegradable lubricants spilled onto soil or water can be harmful to the environment. Hence, the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants in areas where lubricants may come into close contact with the environment is greatly encouraged. Kraton Corporation’s UNIFLEX™ Esters, as a substitute for mineral oils, provide excellent lubricity and oxidative stability while enabling production of biodegradable hydraulic fluids, which, in turn, helps reduce the hydrocarbon waste in the environment.

Sustainable Alternative to Petrochemicals with Rosin Based Tackifiers

Tall Oil Rosin based tackifiers are truly green alternatives to petroleum based hydrocarbon tackifiers. Kraton Corporation’s products enable its partners in diverse industries to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. For example, Kraton Corporation Tackifiers address the increasing concerns about the sustainability of rubber compound components, and offer a sustainable and high performance alternative to mineral oils in tire construction.

Greater Green Effect with Dimer Acids and Polyamides

UNI-REZ™ Polyamides manufactured using Tall Oil Fatty Acid based UNIDYME™Dimer Acids provide performance benefits and have a greater proportion of sustainable constituents compared to alternatives. UNI-REZ™ Alcohol Soluble Ink Polyamides pioneered the elimination of hazardous solvent usage in flexographic printing inks.