Helping Our Customers Go Green

In order to meet the climate challenge, scarce natural resources need to be used in the most efficient and sustainable way, using raw materials to their full potential.

As the world’s leading tall oil refiner, we have an unsurpassed global sourcing position and advanced technology. Our raw materials are natural co-products of the wood pulping process to produce paper.

Refined, Crude Tall Oil (CTO) offers a sustainable alternative to petrochemical raw materials in everyday products, ranging from biodegradable lubricants and chewing gum to printing inks, tires, fuel additives, adhesives and paints.

Using CTO to Its Full Potential

All raw material used for energy and fuel production should be sustainable. Therefore, recycling and re-use of natural raw materials is always preferable to incineration as Lansink’s Ladder Principle suggests.

We refine Crude Tall Oil to its full potential before using one of its derivatives (pitch fuel) as an energy source. This approach is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Incentives for Crude Tall Oil use as a renewable energy source contribute little to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Learn more about Kraton Corporation’s contribution to the economic, social and environmental sustainability in Europe and North America by utilizing CTO to its full potential  in the brochures below:

Crude Tall Oil Refining – Intelligent Bioeconomy
Crude Tall Oil -A scarce, valuable raw material for the environment and industry, European Perspective
Crude Tall Oil -A scarce, valuable raw material for the environment and industry, North American Perspective

Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Crude Tall Oil is a locally-sourced raw material. If not available, it would be replaced by imported non-renewable, fossil-based alternative products, leading to increased transportation and CO2 emissions. Any CO2 gains achieved from burning Crude Tall Oil to produce energy are negated when the fossil-based alternative materials are burned at the end of their life-cycle.