Strategic Dialogue Between Arizona Chemical and Socer Brasil

Arizona Chemical and Socer Brasil, two leading pine chemical manufacturers, have entered into a strategic technical and commercial cooperative dialogue to expand their geographical coverage and bring new technologies to market.

“We have been working together for several months now, identifying markets where our cooperation has the potential to bring value to our respective customer bases,” explained Gary Reed, Arizona Chemical’s Vice President and General Manager – Americas. “As our relationship grows, we expect to expand on that cooperation.”

Initially, Arizona Chemical and Socer Brasil will focus on expanding offerings into Latin America on select Arizona Chemical product lines within the adhesives and inks markets.

“Together, we can provide the region with the most comprehensive set of solutions available in the adhesives and inks markets,” noted Paulo Roberto Seixas, Managing Director, Socer Brasil.

The two companies are exploring additional ways to capitalize on Socer’s strength as Latin America’s largest producer of gum rosin and turpentine derivatives.

Arizona Chemical ( is the world’s leading supplier of pine-based chemicals, focused on the adhesives, inks, tires and rubber, roads and construction, consumer products, chemical intermediates and renewable energy markets. The company has five manufacturing plants in the U.S. and five in Europe. Arizona Chemical also has research and development capabilities and a network of sales offices throughout the world. The company employs 1,200 people, and has headquarters offices in the U.S. in Jacksonville, Fla., and in the EU in Almere, the Netherlands.

Socer Brasil (, as part of the Resinas Brasil Group, Latin America’s largest gum rosin and turpentine products producer and exporter. Headquartered in Avare, São Paulo, Brazil, the company has an extensive network of gum plantations and state-of-the-art production facilities in Brazil. Socer offers the most comprehensive portfolio of rosin and turpentine derivatives to the Latin American market, continuing its 100-year tradition of growth and customer focus.

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