Kraton Corporation is the leading supplier of tall oil rosin-based tackifiers to the global adhesives industry.

Our broad portfolio consists of rosin esters, terpene phenolic resins, styrenated terpene resins, ams, ams phenolic resins and hot melt polyamides.

Global Adhesives brochure from Kraton Corporation.




These aromatic tackifiers have very low odor along with superior color and oxidative stabilities. They are used to modify styrene end blocks of SBC’s to improve their range of temperature performance. AMS resins improve strength and heat resistance in EVA and SBC packaging, bookbinding, nonwoven and assembly applications. They improve hot melt adhesive processing efficiency without degrading heat resistance or bond strength.

AMS Phenolics

These resins offer the superior combination of color, low odor, color stability and adhesive performance. The high polarity of the phenolic modification significantly elevates adhesive performance of water white EVA systems for packaging, bookbinding and nonwovens. AMS Phenolic resins are recommended for use in applications that require water white color, excellent adhesion and oxidative stability.

Hot Melt Polyamides

UNI-REZ™ thermoplastic polyamide adhesive resins bond to a wide variety of substrates. Kraton Corporation’s leading technology position makes tailored combinations of strength, flexibility, environmental resistance and adhesion possible.


Polyterpene resins are highly compatible with polyolefins and the mid-block of SIS block copolymers so they impart excellent tack and peel properties to pressure sensitive systems. The high softening point grades combine high heat resistance and superior adhesive performance. These resins meet the broadest range of FDA requirements, including direct food contact.

Rosin Esters

Rosin esters impart excellent specific adhesion to a wide range of substrates due to their polarity and polymer compatibility. Their low molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution, combined with their cycloaliphatic – aromatic structure, make rosin esters the most broadly compatible of all adhesive tackifiers. They are used in a wide range of polymers including high and low vinyl acetate EVA, acrylics, polyurethanes, SIS and SBS.

Rosin Dispersions – Aquatacs

AQUATAC™ dispersions can be easily formulated to achieve optimum performance properties for both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive adhesives. They are compatible with a broad range of waterborne polymers.

Styrenated Terpenes

This light colored, low odor resin is the right choice for premium hot melt adhesive applications. The aliphatic-aromatic nature of these resins gives them excellent adhesion to a range of substrates including polyolefins. Styrenated terpenes are highly compatible in EVA and SBC systems.

Terpene Phenolics

Terpene phenols are widely regarded as having the highest polarity of all tackifiers. They provide outstanding specific adhesion in EVA and SBC systems. Their polarity and high softening points combine to provide excellent hot tack in bookbinding and packaging applications. These versatile resins can even be used in bookbinding adhesives that require resistance to ink oil. They will improve the adhesion of hot melt packaging and pressure sensitive adhesives to difficult-to-bond substrates like coated and recycled paper, glass and metal foils.