We refine sustainable pine chemicals for everyday products. With our world’s largest distillation capacity,  unparalleled global sourcing position, and advanced technology, we supply the highest quality products for our customers across the globe.

Through our sustainable chemicals, we enable our customers to go green while they in turn provide you with thousands of products for use in your daily life. You can find Kraton Corporation products in the adhesives and inks used in the packaging of your breakfast cereal and for the newspapers, books and magazines that you read. You may find them in the fresh pine aroma of your air freshener and in your household cleaners. Your child’s favorite rubber duck may contain our rubber emulsifiers and adhesives containing our tackifiers can be used to make their diapers. Your car tires are made safer and more efficient with our high performance tackifiers, and, if you drive a diesel vehicle there’s a good chance that the fuel you use contains our lubricity improvers that protect your engine whilst helping to reduce harmful emissions. When you drive home on a rainy night, our resins in the white lines on the road help to keep you on track and safe. Furthermore, the decorative paints in and around your house may contain Kraton Corporation binders.