Kraton Corporation is a leading supplier of tackifying resins based on renewable resources for the global adhesive market.

Our products are found in a wide variety of technologies, from low application temperature hot melt adhesives to high performance water-based adhesives. Our vertical integration, world-class facilities, and investment in technology ensure that our customers are able to formulate adhesives to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, using tackifiers based on renewable resources. Our broad product portfolio provides sustainable raw materials for tapes and labels, packaging, nonwovens, bookbinding and flooring applications.

To aid our customers in maximizing the renewable content in the adhesives they formulate, Kraton Corporation includes data in our product literature with the percentage of renewable content in the resin. In addition, some of our resins have been tested by a third-party laboratory to further define their bio-based content.


High Performance Hot Melt PSA


Kraton Corporation’s tackifiers are used as primary resins as well as modifiers in hot melt pressure sensitive applications.

Packaging Adhesives


Kraton Corporation’s rosin esters and terpene phenol resins improve the adhesion of packaging adhesives, especially for recycled materials and high speed packaging systems.

Tapes and Labels


Kraton Corporation’s dispersions offer the latest technology for specialty waterbased tape and label applications.

Global Adhesives Brochure

Click hereGlobal Adhesives Brochure Sept 2015cover to view or download the latest global Adhesives brochure from Kraton Corporation.