Check Out the New SYLVAROAD™ Website

AZC Launches Redesigned Website for SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive

The company’s innovative SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive website — — has been redesigned. The site was redesigned with the same look and feel of the Arizona Chemical website, but maintains its own identity, as well.

Since the web is often the first point of contact with potential new customers and information for existing customers, we knew we needed to make sure the SYLVAROAD™ website had the most current information and gave a good first impression of our business,” explained Maria Di Nolfo, Business Unit Manager. “We feel the redesigned site makes it easier to reach us and find information about our product portfolio and asphalt recycling in general.”

The website includes detailed product information in multiple languages (which is available for download), published articles about the product, up-to-date listings of events that the AZC SYLVAROAD™ sales and marketing team will be participating in, contact information and more.

The site will be a key part of the SYLVAROAD™ team’s marketing efforts going forward. “We’ve got a great deal of expertise in the asphalt additive/recycling business, and this comprehensive website allows us to share that expertise and begin a dialogue with potential customers,” Maria added.