Changes to Arizona Chemical’s European Product Prices

November 23, 2009

Effective 1st January 2010, Arizona Chemical Europe is increasing list prices on some of its product lines by the amounts indicated below:

Adhesive Rosin Esters € 200/ T
Adhesive Dispersions € 200/ T (solid basis)
Ink Phenolic Rosin Esters € 200/ T
Ink Polyamides € 150/ T
Roadmarking Rosin Esters € 200/ T
Tall Oil Rosin € 250/ T
Disproportionated Rosin and Soaps € 200/ T (solid basis)
Terpenes (alpha-pinene/ delta3-carene) € 200/ T
Hot Melt Polyamides € 200/ T
Thixotropes € 200/ T


These increases are mostly driven by continued strong demand.  We are monitoring developments in the gum rosin market closely as we endeavour to keep our customers supplied.