Arizona Chemical is a proud sponsor of the 2012 World Adhesives Conference in Paris, France

Arizona Chemical will participate in the 8th World Adhesive and Sealant Conference that will take place in Paris, from the 18th until the 21st of September. 

The event, organized by FEICA and various other adhesive associations, is expected to gather more than 900 delegates from the adhesive and sealant industry. During the panel sessions, speakers from around the world and across the value chain will discuss the challenges faced by the industry with a goal to inspire solutions for all participants to create the future.

As the leading innovator of sustainable chemical solutions, Arizona Chemical’s challenges, opportunities and values are reflected in each of the main topics covered at this global conference, and we are proud to have two of our own making presentations at the conference;

• On Wednesday, September  19th, Dr. Jerrold Miller, Team Leader in Science and technology at Arizona Chemical, will discuss “Advances in Rosin Ester Tackifiers for Clean-Running Packaging Adhesives.” This novel solution not only enhances the process performance by minimizing downtime, but also gives significantly better color and viscosity stability compared with the conventional EVA hot melt adhesives.
• On Friday, September 21st, Mike Watson, Arizona Chemical’s Marketing Manager Americas, will discuss “Intelligent use of scarce resources – the key to a sustainable future.” He will demonstrate – using the case of crude tall oil – how a holistic approach to sustainability and using natural resources to their full potential through the value chain will ensure the identification of real market needs and therefore guarantee long-term commercial viability.

In addition to participating in these two sessions, we hope that you will also make plans to visit us on Thursday 20th September at booth 15.

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