Arizona Chemical Employees Around the World Celebrate Earth Day

Arizona Chemical employees at facilities around the world celebrated Earth Day in a variety of ways, often in conjunction with local schools and civic organizations.

  • In Almere, the Netherlands, employees planted a pine tree, built an “insect hotel” and conducted a cleanup of the office complex where the company’s EU headquarters and laboratory are located.
  • In Jacksonville, Fla., employees planted trees at the North Florida School of Special Education. Students at the school were given their own pot to decorate and seeds to sow and learned about planting and tending to vegetables and flowers.
  • In Chester-le-Street, UK, employees worked in the garden with the children at Selby Cottage and planted sunflower seeds for the children to take home. In addition to the outdoor activities, they had Earth Day-themed face painting, and the children decorated tree-shaped biscuits.
  • In Dover, Ohio, employees planted a pine tree at the company’s Dover plant to symbolize their commitment to our employees, neighbors, and the surrounding community.
  • In Gersthofen, Germany, employees planted a tree near the main entrance to their industrial complex. Industrial leaders from the surrounding area participated in the celebration.
  • In Moscow, Russia, employees spent Earth Day together with the students and administration of the Moscow Regular School planting trees in front of the school. They also planted a tree in front of “Linkor,” their business center, to help make their district, in the heart of the metropolis, greener.
  • In Oulu, Finland, employees biked to work and plan to have a tree planting ceremony when the weather is more amenable.
  • In Panama City, Fla., employees staffed a booth at the Bay County Earth Day event in downtown Panama City on Saturday, April 20, where they shared information about the company and its commitment to sustainability. On Earth Day, employees at the plant were given tree seedlings to take home to plant. Employee volunteers plan to partner with the local Joseph Chapman Boys & Girls Club to plant trees and conduct other landscaping activities.
  • In Pensacola, Fla., employees planted a pine tree at the Pensacola site in recognition of the company’s commitment to the environment and renewable resources.
  • In Sandarne, Sweden, employees held educational seminars on the “Earth and the Environment” at the Sandarne School. They also worked with students in the lower grades to build greenhouses and plant flowerbeds at the school.
  • In Savannah, Ga., employees held an event at the Hudson Hill Community Center, where they planted shrubs and flowers and gave children in an after-school program a chance to learn about planting and flowers with their own pots and flowers.
  • In Shanghai, China, employees planted trees, shrubs and flowers in front of the company’s new Shanghai Science & Technology laboratory.

“Arizona Chemical, whose raw materials come from the pine tree, was a proud participant in this year’s Earth Day celebration,” explained Alan Phillips, Director, Sustainability. “Employee volunteers at our plants and offices around the world worked together to find creative and meaningful ways to make Earth Day special for us, for our neighbors, for our communities and for our business partners.”

Earth Day is observed every year on April 22 and was started in 1970 to create awareness for the Earth’s environment and to encourage conservation efforts. More than 1 billion people around the world are expected to observe Earth Day in 2013.

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Arizona Chemical ( is a world leader of bio-refined products for the adhesives, roads & construction, tires, lubricants, fuel additives, mining and oleochemicals markets. With more than 1,100 employees and state-of-the-art refineries and manufacturing plants in six countries on both sides of the Atlantic, Arizona Chemical provides sustainable raw materials to hundreds of companies and, in-turn, to millions of consumers all around the world. The company has headquarters offices in the U.S. in Jacksonville, Fla., and in the EU in Almere, the Netherlands.


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