Arizona Chemical Announces Consolidation of SYLFAT™ Tall Oil

Arizona Chemical has announced changes to its SYLFAT™ Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) product line in North America. Effective April 1, Arizona Chemical will sell just two grades of TOFA from their two North American refineries. The company will continue to offer the low rosin (less than 1%) content SYLFAT™ FA-2 TOFA and will now
offer only SYLFAT™ FA-1 TOFA as a higher rosin (less than 3%) containing product.

“Our customers continue to ask for consistent quality products,” states Rob Helwick, Arizona Chemical Commercial Director, Americas, “and by consolidating to two TOFA grades, we now can offer a product line with improved consistency with regard to rosin content, acid value and color. The improved production technology that will enable us to offer a more consistent product will also allow us to increase the throughput of our Savannah Refinery.”

Arizona Chemical customers purchasing SYLFAT™ FA-2 TOFA will not experience any change in their product specifications. Customers purchasing SYLFAT™ FA-1SPECIAL TOFA will be advised to purchase the SYLFAT™ FA-1 TOFA with its upgraded specification. Customers purchasing SYLFAT™ FA-1 TOFA will continue to purchase that product with its upgraded specifications.

A comparison of current and new specifications for all Arizona Chemical TOFA products is shown below. Further questions
should be directed to the local Arizona Chemical Account Manager.


Specification              Typical/Value

Old        New                Old      New

Acid Value                  190min     193 min         193       194         
Color (Gardner)          7 max      5 max             5+          4+
Rosin Acid %             5.0 max   3.0 max           4.3        2.0


Specification   Typical/Value


Acid Value                  193min                   194 min            
Color (Gardner)          5 max                      4+             
Rosin Acid %            3.0 max                    2.0 max


Specification   Typical/Value


Acid Value                  195min                   197 min            
Color (Gardner)          4 max                      3+             
Rosin Acid %            1.0 max                    0.8 max


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