Driving for Sustainable Solutions

Since 1930, we have continuously developed sustainable solutions for our customers. Our innovations have helped various industries replace non-renewable sources with more sustainable alternatives.

As an innovator in pine chemistry, Kraton Corporation has Science & Technology centers in the U.S. in Savannah, Ga.; in Europe in Almere, The Netherlands; and in Asia in Shanghai, China, which together employ more than 50 scientific professionals.

We are constantly seeking new solutions for adhesives, inks, coatings, roads, mining and tire industries. Our research focus is in our core refinery distillation products, Crude Tall Oil and Crude Sulfate Turpentine. It extends to gellants, dispersion technologies, terpenes, alkyds, tires, and hydraulics. As a result of our Science & Technology work, we have countless new patented technologies and innovative solutions for our customers.

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